Because He was, I am . . .

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He Was . . .        Maundy Thursday was a busy day.  I was trying to get my 2009 tax info together before leaving on vacation.   I also had to put together a wedding ceremony for a friend’s wedding on Saturday.  AND, I was getting ready to serve Communion at the Christian Women’s Job Corps Bible Study at 5:45pm and for second shift hospital staff at 7:30pm.   A busy, busy day with little time for solitude and reflection on the majesty of this season until I arrived at the hospital.  I had worked out a plan for employees to drop by the private dining room, watch a three minute video, and receive communion and a prayer.  It seemed perfect for employees who might only have 5-10 minutes for their Maundy Thursday observance. 

The announcement was made and 6-7 employees came by during the first half hour.  After that, it was just me, the video, the elements, and my Bible.  It was quiet, still, and perfect for reflecting while watching & listening again to the story of that fateful weekend in Jerusalem almost 20 centuries ago.  As I reflected, I jotted these thoughts:

    After 37 years as a follower of Christ, I still bow in awe that the Almighty, Invincible God of the universe would subject Himself to the vitriol, the violence, the humilitation, the abandonment, and the pain of the CROSS for me . . . and for you.  I will never be able to comprehend in this life the amazing truth that “God demonstrated His love for us in that WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS, Christ died for us.”  (Romans 5:8)  

A bended knee, a contrite spirit, a simple “thank you”  seem so inadequate.   This Easter, don’t just watch, hear, and believe the story of Easter.  RESPOND with a heart of love & a life of obedience because one day, HE is coming again for me . . . and hopefully for you!   (John 14:6)

HAVE A WONDERFUL, WORSHIPFUL EASTER!!!    And watch the brief Blue Fish video titled “He Was.”  Click on the link at the top left of this post.  It might take a while to buffer up, but the wait will be worth it.

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