Champions are Made, not Born

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 I had to face the fact that I was no Wayne Gretzky.  My adult-onset love for the game of hockey compelled me to try “in-line” skating at the tender age of 41.  I had already dreamed of moving across the driveway with the grace of Scott Hamilton, the speed of Eric Heiden, and the moves of the Great One.   I sat on the front steps, buckling the skates, eagerly anticipating bursting into the International Roller Hockey League as a 40 something superstar rookie.  But alas . . . my ankles were weak, my balance uncertain, and my speed could have been measured with a calendar intead of a stopwatch.   Ten (10) minutes after stepping into the skates, I was taking them off.  My legs were quivering as I climbed the steps toward the front door.  My dream had crashed into the cold, harsh reality that I was not Scott Hamilton, Eric Heiden, or Wayne Gretzky.

What was the difference between them and me?  Discipline, commitment, hard work, and the investment of time.  I wanted to do in ten minutes what had taken those men a lifetime to develop.  The grace, speed, and skills they displayed on the ice resulted from years of commitment, focus, discipline, and practice.  In spite of “natural talent,” they might have been as uncomfortable on skates as I was when they started.  But over the course of time,  it was their focus, discipline, hard work, and tenacity that made them superstars.

That sports principle is true in the spiritual realm, too.  Spiritually, we can desire to be prayer warriors, bold witnesses, and people of faith.   But desire in not enough to help us handle the pressures of life as Jesus did.   We must practice the same discipline, focus, commitment, and tenacity that helped maintian His intimate relationship with God the Father.  It requires hard work.   We must be totally committed to His cause, clearly focused on His will more than ours, and ruthlessly disciplined in our walk with Him.   The apostle Paul wrote these encouraging words to young Timothy:  “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and the life to come. “  I Timothy 4: 8 (NLT)

Remember!  Desire is not enough.  Commitment, discipline, and focus, along with the passage of time, will help us in dealing with the pressures of life and becoming more effective workers in building His Kingdom.   After all, champions are made, not born.

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